Hi! I am Pranav Karawale.

About me

I am a student pursuing a degree in computer engineering. As a self-taught developer, my work usually involves developing websites, APIs, terminal utilities. I don't have a favorite programming language as of now, but the most used ones are TypeScript, Go and Python. I also occassionally contribute to open source. Learning some machine learning and Rust has always been on my bucket list, but I never really got close to it. Hopefully soon.

My accolades regarding programming include winning a gold medal under the skill "Web Technologies" at JuniorSkills 2021, a skill competition conducted all over India.

Besides computers, I have a lot of other interests. I watch a lot of football and basketball. For football, I am an avid supporter of Manchester United FC. For basketball, I'm a casual and watch the NBA. I am a decent player at both the sports. One of the things I'm working on is to be able to dunk a basketball.

My music taste keeps slightly changing over time. My favorite artists to listen to right now are

Hip Hop - Ye, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Future

Pop/R&B - OneRepublic, The Weeknd, The Chainsmokers

Ways to reach me

I also have accounts on a few other services. You can use some of them to contact me:

About this website

This website serves as my home on the Internet. I someday aim to make this my primary source of interaction with fellow Internet people.

This website is made using Eleventy. The posts are managed using my Micropub server, Lilac. Most my stuff, including this website is generously hosted by the exozyme project.

This is me

A portrait picture of mine.

Pranav Karawale

Known online as retronav

Computer enthusiast

Maharashtra, India